• 11 years performing and touring with family owned Trapanelle Circus
  • 4 years circus school training coached by Claude Victoria, focus in hand to hand and handstand
  • 20 years performing as an acrobat around the globe
  • 9 years creating, training, and performing company acts
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Proven training and leadership capabilities
  • Mechanics and safety skills
  • Background in dance (tap, ballet, tango, jazz), acting, juggling, clowning and jockey on horses
  • Experience working with groups of various cultures and languages
  • Speaks fluent French and English




Free lance Handstand and Hand to Hand coach on going

New York City


  • Private coaching
  • Master classes retreat and workshops in various venues such as Pure Yoga and Google
  • Work as a freelancer


Handstand coach


  • March 2019, leading the handstand class for Tony Horton's  PARAGON EXPERIENCE


Acrobatic Coach 2017-2019

  • Cirque Du Soleil, for the show CHRYSTAL
  • Train the handstand on chairs, hand to hand, and banquine acts.


Faculty coach


  • New England Center of Circus Arts, Brattelboro, VT 2016-2017
  • Teach and train Handstand, Headstand, Hand to Hand, tumbling technique and physical conditioning to professional adult students and youth beginners

Assistant Artistic Director

Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center, New York, NY and East Coast Cities 2014-2016

  •  Pre-cast, research and scout out acts for future productions
  • Manage cast, band, lighting, sound and show crews
  •  Act as liaison between artistic department and production departments
  •  Supervise and maintain the integrity of each show performance
  •  Write daily log and report directly to artistic director
  •  Coordinate and execute press and special events. Award shows: Mayor’s Awards For Arts and Culture / New York City, American Circus Awards, Career Transition for Dancers. Concerts and music videos: Britney Spear’s live concert in Big Top on Good Morning America. Film and TV shoots: Gotham,Fox-TV; Extreme Make Over, ABC-TV; Big Blue House, Disney; How Do They Do That, Discovery; Jeopardy, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, Today Show, Billions, Showtime


Artistic Coordinator

Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center, New York, NY and East Coast Cities 2009-2014

  • Communicate with and supervise show crews
  • Write daily log and show reports
  •  Coordinate schedules for artist rehearsals and events
  •  Execute parking of trailers for each city on tour



Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center, New York, NY and East Coast Cities 2002-2016

  • Create and design Trio and Duet Hand to Hand and Handstand Solo acts to fit specific themes of shows including comedy acts
  • Conceptualize, develop, execute and direct various acts: “Andrey Mantchev’s Solo Handstand Act” 2010-2011, “Golden Statues” 2008-2009, “The God Father” 2005-2006, “The Acrobat and the Bellboy” 2003-2004
  •  Advice on casting
  •  Generate specific training programs for different artists
  •  Research and design of props and body make-up
  •  Maintain integrity and coach artists on specific acts


Assistant Director of Performance, Company Member

Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center, New York, NY and East Coast Cities 2001-2009

  • Acrobat, catcher, dancer, actor and juggler for various company acts
  • Safety mechanic handler for aerial and ground acrobatic acts
  •  Company Captain: maintain choreography integrity
  •  Schedule daily artist rehearsals and ring time
  •  Execute parking of trailers for each city on tour


Guest Artist

Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center, New York, NY and East Coast Cities 2000-2001

  • Catcher and dancer for Hand to Hand act “Sophie and Virgile


Free Lance Hand Stand and Hand-to-Hand Coach 2010-Present

  • Defying Gravity Children’s Gym, New Jersey. Coaching for ages 6-14 years old
  • Streb Art and Entertainment Tour Company Brooklyn, NY. Master Class workshop and private class
  •  Private coaching and consulting for established acts and up and coming performers


Free Lance Guest Artist, “Sophie and Virgile” Hand to Hand Tango Act

Worldwide Circus, Cabarets, Stadiums and Theater Venues 1991-2000

  • Contract negotiation
  • Manage marketing and bookings
  •  Hand to Hand catcher and dancer
  •  Costume and prop design
  •  Notable Tours and Theater contracts: TV show performances in Spain and Chile; William’s Club, Milan, Italy; Lido, Paris, France; Casino of Montreal, Canada; Apollo Variete, Essen, Germany; Utrecht Theater, Netherlands; Spiegelpalast Variete, Germany; G.O.P Variete, Hannover, Germany; Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark; Platzl’s Theaterie, Munich, Germany; Weltweihnacht Circus, Stuttgart, Germany; Tigerpalast Variete, Frankfurt, Germany; Circus Roncalli tours, Germany and Austria; Wintergarden, Berlin, Germany; Cirque du Soleil and Circus Knie coproduction tour, Switzerland; Friedrichstadpalast, Berlin, Germany



Centre National des Arts du Cirque, Chalons Sur Marne, France


  • Special prize winner 22nd International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo January, 1998
  • Gold medal winner International Circus Festival of Cirque de Demain, Paris, France January, 1995
  •  Special prize winner International Acrobatic Festival Wuqiao, China December, 1991

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